Transmedia: Cathy’s Book

The Cathy's Book website.

Cathy’s Book was published in 2006, and is a YA novel featuring elements of an alternative reality game.  The book takes the form of a journal written by the protagonist, Cathy Vickers,  who has just been dumped by her boyfriend, Victor.  The journal has been left to Cathy’s best friend and follows the mystery of why Victor has left as well as the strange connection between Cathy and ancient Chinese mythology.  Readers can solve the mystery alongside of Emily, as the text features letters, phone numbers, and other documents to interact with.  There is an online forum where players/readers can discuss their theories and share their own original content such as art.  Two sequels have been published.

Check the gallery below to see examples of how transmedia was used for this project and visit the website to find out more!