Transmedia: Ideas for further exploration

Interested in looking at more YA books that have transmedia components?  Check out the list below as a good starting point!

  1. Bzrk by Michael Grant – includes a mobile game, online material, and fan theory sites
  2. The Survivors by Amanda Havard – accompanied by an original soundtrack, digital app
  3. Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony – rearrangeable chapters in the digital version!
  4. Girl Heart Boy by Ali Cronin – vlogging and tumblr components
  5. 3:15 by Patrick Carman – encourages users to read, watch and listen to short horror stories
  6. iDrakula by Bekka Black – accompanied by a mobile app
  7. Dark Eden by Chris Beckett – connected to an online social game
  8. Mirrorworld by Cornelia Funke – digital companion app with extra content